Welcome to RangeController

The world’s leading cloud-based software for gun ranges. With RangeController you can see who is shooting on your range, what they buy, and how many times they’ve visited. Track your members, students, and visitors and send targeted emails with our emailer system. RangeController is the all-in-one software solution for gun ranges of any kind.

Popular Features

Cloud Based Software

  • Ease your mind knowing you have:
  • -No loss of data
  • -Disaster Recovery
  • -Capital Expenditure-Free (No hardware)
  • -Work from anywhere
  • -Security

Powerful Reports

  • Make better decisions and choices by keeping up with:
  • -Members
  • -Classes and Events
  • -Employee Performance
  • -Sales and More

Advanced Point of Sale

  • Industry's Leading Inventory Management
  • -Allows you to analyze inventory levels item by item
  • -Is barcode capable
  • -Streamlines all daily functions

Emailer System

  • Increase your revenue by:
  • -Customizing lists targeting specific customers
  • -Send in mass or individually
  • -Unlimited Emails

Customize Your Range

  • You can customize every aspect of your experience with RangeController. Have an archery and a pistol range at your complex? You can add both ranges and toggle between them easily.

Create Your Schedule

  • Let your customers stay updated
  • -Sharing Classes and Events
  • -Allow them to view schedules when they want and where they want
  • -Allow them the convenience of registering and paying online


Per Month

A Complete Solution For Your Range

  • Manage unlimited memberships
  • Manage walk-ins
  • Track and manage inventory
  • Intuitive Point of Sale
  • Add Events and Classes
  • Send emails to up to 25,000 customers at once
  • Print customer ID cards
  • Take Credit Cards
  • Customer sign up and pay for events and classes from home
  • See who’s on your range at all times
  • Firearm rentals through Point of Sale

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